How to select the best soft signage

Soft signage is now appearing more frequently across the country and can be found hanging from a range of structures, including lampposts and buildings. Most people are familiar with flags and banners and their potential uses. However, they don’t always know what’s best to use in individual situations. This can lead to issues when you’re briefing a signage company and can affect the overall end result.

Before you approach your signage company you need to be clear in your own mind about exactly what you require. You should understand whether the sign is to be used outdoors or indoors, what it will be attached to and how often you’ll need it changing. You will also need to ensure that you have the right permission to fix your signage in position.

It’s important that all these details are considered in the beginning, as some materials are more suited to temporary or outdoors signage than others. If you get this all right in the beginning, it will reduce the need to make amendments once the signage is installed.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company we work closely with all our customers to produce exactly the right signage for them, whether they’re looking for a permanent installation or a temporary solution.