How The Sussex Sign Company Can Help If You Are A Designer

Sign Writers and Designers

If you are a designer, then you’ll understand the importance of creating strong branding and seeing it replicated right across a company’s promotional and advertising materials. Design and branding can be a very complex process, often involving going back to the drawing board multiple times and trying various things until you hit on the perfect concept. It’s also an organic process. Sometimes, the best ideas spring from nowhere, from bouncing thoughts off other creatives or from chatting to fellow designers to improve your initial ideas.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we’re well known for our exceptionally skilled design team and the creativity which goes into all our signage. If you’re a designer or you work for a design agency in London or the south-east, then partnering with us could really help you create the very best branding solutions and see that, that all-important ‘look’ is replicated in beautiful, bespoke signage.

Share and share alike

Sharing ideas is a major part of the creative process, and being able to throw ideas around and push the limits of your creativity can lead to incredible things. Designers and creative types tend to work well when they’re not isolated and in a bubble. Ideas can grow organically when great minds come together, which is why freelance designers and even those working for an agency can benefit from chatting to The Sussex Sign Company’s design team.

With many years’ experience in crafting bespoke signage for clients across a range of industries, our team is well used to working together for the best results. There’s no danger of a ‘group-think’ mentality arising here, though – while we’d certainly say we’re team-oriented, our designers display a wide variety of styles and demonstrate their independence of thought in every project they undertake.

By working with us, you could give the creative process a little boost and perhaps take your designs in a direction you hadn’t previously thought of. By bringing our own branding experience to the table, we simply open new doors and ensure we’re able to create the perfect tailor-made signage.

Shop front signs and beyond

We have an enviable reputation for producing some of the boldest, most beautiful and best designed shop front signs in the industry, so if you are a designer looking to create a complete branding package, then now’s the time to hop on board with us!

Signage is a critical part in any branding exercise – signs are, after all, one of the greatest advertising tools a business has at its disposal. Signage acts as a company’s calling card to the world, with shop front signs, educational signs for schools, signs for hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs all promoting the establishment’s unique personality and letting people know what the business does. If a business has premises on the High Street, signage is vital for capturing passing trade.

What makes for good sign design?

Signage can often be the best starting place if you’re looking to build a brand or carry out a rebranding exercise. Corporate signs are probably the most visual and most effective way of capturing and promoting a particular brand identity, so once you’ve settled on the appearance of your signage, the rest of the marketing materials – from business cards to stationery, promotional merchandise to vehicle wrapping – can all follow suit.

In order to build customer recognition and help people identify with a brand, it’s important that there is consistency across the board. The best design for signage incorporates a company’s logo, individual font style and colour scheme in a harmonious and eye-catching way, helping to tell the brand’s story and giving potential clients and customers all the information they need in a single glance.

Text and images must be laid out in a way which is pleasing on the eye without being overwhelming and difficult for people to process and take in, with text clear to read against the background and a bold and memorable logo prominently displayed.

How can we help you?

If you’re a designer, working with The Sussex Sign Company’s in-house design team could really help with your next project. Whether you’re designing a fresh new logo, advertising leaflets or giveaway mousemats for your business, we have years of experience and a professional team with expertise in branding and design to help you achieve the perfect look.

You may come to us with only a few sketchy initial ideas or with a much more clearly defined project in mind – either way, we can discuss your requirements, share some ideas and together craft something unique and incredibly special. From bespoke LED signs to estate agents displays, and from halo illuminated letters to the traditional pub sign, signwriting is a craft and an art in its own right and it deserves to be a top priority when you have a design project to work on.

The Sussex Sign Company employs only the most highly skilled and expertly qualified designers and installers in the industry, and with more than two decades’ experience, we’re ideally placed to help designers across the region find the very best signage solution for their projects. Crafting the highest quality signage on the market, we’re confident we can bring some fresh ideas and a positive new direction to your work.

For more information on the services we provide and how we can help with your next design project, simply get in touch with The Sussex Sign Company today on 01273 417057 or use our contact form.