How adhesive technology is shaping the sign industry

Gone are the days when professional signs were let down by the quality of the adhesive. The technology behind the products has now advanced so significantly that sign makers can guarantee a high quality finish every time.

The industry is demanding targeted solutions for individual signage styles, rather than a one size fits all approach, which is never going to be as effective. Manufacturers now have a series of adhesives that have been specifically created for different signage formats. This allows them to create a product that will work with each individual type of material and environment.

There is now an adhesive that will work in virtually every scenario. For example, you can use an adhesive that will hold in wet or humid conditions or a temporary solution that leaves no residue. There are high strength products that can withstand heavy loads and bond instantly to wood, brick, metal or plastic. With so many choices, there really isn’t a reason for using an incorrect product.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company we’re committed to using the right adhesive solution for each sign created for our customers. This way, we can guarantee it will last as long as needed.