Have LED window displays had their day?

Despite the fact that more of us than ever before are shopping online, the High Street has refused to die the death that pessimists predicted. The recession might have claimed some important scalps, in the shape of BHS and Woolworth’s, but with the economy now gradually beginning to strengthen, it seems that footfall in our towns and cities is slowly beginning to increase. Competition, however, is fiercer than it’s ever been for retailers. Doing everything you can to stay one step ahead of your rivals is crucial if you’re going to thrive and grow as a business, which means doing everything in your power to attract new customers and keep those already on your side.

Signage has an important role to play in grabbing the attention of potential customers, and LED illuminated signs can be an incredibly effective marketing tool. But have LED window displays gone out of fashion, and have they had their day? Surely in the days of the smartphone and easy access to online retailers, nobody really looks at physical shop fronts any more, and illuminated sign boards are a bit quaint and old-fashioned, aren’t they? The answer has to be a resounding ‘no’…

Still a bright idea

LED signs are a way of getting your company or shop name up there in lights, and they’re still proving a popular choice for retailers. While you might think the digital age has rendered the old bricks and mortar premises less important, people do still judge on what they see in front of them. First impressions matter when snap judgments are made in under a second, so ensuring your shop front signs look attractive really counts.

Bold and vibrant LED window displays are a good way of capturing the attention of passersby, because who doesn’t like to look at something pretty and shiny? By creating an eye-catching illuminated window display, you’re more likely to make those potential customers stop and investigate further, upping the chances that they’ll venture in. If the front of your shop, café, restaurant or estate agents looks appealing, then it instills confidence in people, that what they’ll find beyond the front door is also worth a look.

LED window displays can be a good way of turning the spotlight on the best you have to offer. For estate agents, displays could be used to highlight the top properties on their books, for instance, showcasing the houses and apartments most likely to pique the interest of future homebuyers. For retailers, an illuminated window display could draw attention to a particular product you wish to promote, or a special offer you’re currently running.

Not just for winter

While you might think LED signs are only really useful in the colder, darker winter months, the truth is that an attractive LED display will have a visual impact the whole year round. True, the warming glow these signs emit will be an appealing prospect for customers when the miserable autumn storms and winter gloom descend, but even in the summer, they can add a touch of sparkle to a balmy, long evening.

Once you have made that initial investment in LED signage, it really will pay dividends in the long run. Because LED bulbs are low energy and don’t get hot, you can leave them on once you’ve shut up shop for the day, meaning they will be working for you throughout the night. This is a way of advertising your business which really will see tangible results – even when you’re all tucked up in bed, your LED window display is working round the clock and throughout the year to draw attention to your shop, bar, restaurant or other High Street premises.

It’s very hard for people to simply walk past a bold, bright LED display without pausing for a closer look. We’re automatically drawn to things which are unique and beautiful, so strike the right balance with your LED displays and people will take notice. The trick is in getting the highest quality and most well-designed LED signs, and being a little bit creative in the way you use them.

Never out of fashion

For all the negative news stories about the death of the High Street and the unstoppable rise of internet retail giants, the vast majority of people still love to shop in the ‘real world’. We like to see and handle the things we buy, particularly if they’re expensive or important to us, and trusting an anonymous e commerce site seems like a risky alternative.

While technology might have come on in leaps and bounds, there’s still room for the tried and tested LED window display. Those beautiful bright lights will never go out of fashion, so lighten up your shop front signs or estate agents displays today, with well-made LED signage.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we’ve always been fans of the good old LED display, and we know just what a powerful asset this type of sign can be, when it comes to promoting your business. Thanks to an expert team of LED signage designers and installers, we can help you make the most of your window displays, by crafting bespoke and beautiful LED products which will dazzle your customers.

With many years’ experience working in this field, we’ve seen trends come and go, but the LED sign still has its place. For more information, simply get in touch with our friendly team today, to see how we can brighten up your business premises.