Halo illuminated signs

Sign Illumination.

You might not have noticed that it had even started, but summer is now over for another year. With the start of September and the new school term, thoughts are inevitably turning to the chilly mornings, falling leaves and darker nights of autumn, and – for those with a High Street presence – the lull which usually comes around this time of year, before the Christmas sales begin in earnest.

If you own a shop, restaurant, bar, estate agents, gym or any other establishment which needs to attract custom from the High Street, how do you ensure this slack early autumn period doesn’t see sales and interest tail off? One of the best ways to draw customers to your business is through clever signage, and investing now could see you generating more interest at just the moment when you need it most.

Put your name in lights

While we may enjoy the autumn colours and the warming satisfaction of comfort food, not many of us enjoy the cold, wet, windy evenings which the autumn and winter months tend to bring with them. Few people want to hang about on the High Street when the weather is so miserable, which means that capturing the attention of those who are passing becomes all the more important.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to catch the eyes of potential customers is with halo illuminated signage. Halo illuminated signs are made from powder coated aluminium, backlit with LED lights to create a beautiful halo effect – precisely the sort of warming glow which draws people in when everything around them seems so dull and gloomy. Used externally on your business premises, they can act as a glowing beacon to tempt passersby to pause or come in, whilst indoors in a restaurant or bar, they can create an incredible focal point and really help set the atmosphere.

If your shop front signs need replacing, this is the perfect time of year to think about getting illuminated signs. Few things you can do for your business will make such a tangible and immediate difference, and putting your name in lights not only boosts brand awareness and increases footfall, but illuminated signs bring a whole host of other benefits.

The advantages of illuminated signage

Halo illuminated signs are a great way of making a bold and beautiful statement, but they can also be a key part of the marketing and advertising strategy for your business. Once you’ve paid the initial cost of having them designed and installed, illuminated signs really can pay for themselves and become the gift which just keeps on giving.

Think of your shop signs as a permanent advertising slot. If you have illuminated signs, people can spot them from a much greater distance than they would a traditional, unlit sign board, and they’re visible both day and night. They stand out in a positive way – how many people could resist the attraction of an LED sign outside a café, for instance, when it seems to offer the promise of a hot cup of tea to take the chill off?

They’re also advertising for you around the clock and around the year, so that even when you’ve turned in for the night, your signage is still hard at work. Even late at night in the depths of winter, you’ll still get people passing by your business premises, and if they can see your signs and your illuminated signage makes a lasting impression on them, they’re likely to return. Even if your shop or café isn’t open at that particular moment, the impact made by your shop front signage could mean potential customers store the knowledge of your presence away and come back at some point in the future.

Halo illuminated signs are the perfect choice for places which do tend to stay open late. If you own a restaurant, bar, takeaway outlet or 24/7 convenience store, it’s important that people are made aware that you’re still open even in the wee small hours. With illuminated signage, you can announce to the world that you’re still open for business, and with any luck, you’ll persuade them to stop by en route to wherever they’re going late at night.

Work with the best

Of course, illuminated signage is only effective when it is properly designed, installed and maintained. If you work with a professional and experienced signage company, then you’re likely to get the best results. Professional signwriters know how best to translate your ideas into an eye-catching illuminated sign, and where and how it should be positioned for it to make the greatest visual impact.

Designing illuminated signage is an art. Your signage should do more than simply announce your presence to the world, it should reflect what your company stands for and tell your brand’s story in a clean and succinct way. Signs might include your company name, logo, contact details and colour scheme, which, when laid out in an aesthetically pleasing way, can really speak volumes about what you and your company do. Gorgeous illuminated images adorning the walls of your bar or restaurant are a decorative feature in their own right, but only when they’re professionally crafted.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we’ve been creating bespoke illuminated signage for many years and we know how to get the best from LED signs. Working with our team of skilled and highly experienced designers and installers, we can help you turn your ideas into the perfect signage solution for your business, whatever trade or sector you’re in.

For more information on the services we can provide, simply contact our friendly team today and we’ll help you put your name in lights this autumn.