Graphic Printing Technologies Announces Launch of Super-Fast Printer

Combining the old with the new, Graphic Printing Technologies (GPT), has manufactured a new super-fast printer. Named the GPT 190s, the new machine was created by modifying an old textile printer produced by Mimaki.

The GPT 190s promises industry-leading print speeds of up to 35 mm/h for good-quality banners, with a resolution of 540dpi x 720dpi. A medium-speed setting operates at 24 mm/h, producing good-quality vinyl prints at 540dpi x 1,080dpi. The highest-quality vinyl setting (720dpi x 1,440dpi), offers a print speed of 15 mm/h, which is still relatively fast.

Describing the product, GPT general manager, Stuart Cole, said: “This is what many of our customers have requested. It provides all the benefits of the JV33 160, more akin to the JV34 for speed with the double heads, a unique 1.9-metre print width and is incredibly good value for money.”

Although adapted from an old Mimaki printer, the GPT 190s features a two-year parts-and-labour warranty. The machine also benefits from a batch ink supply system that can reduce running costs.

Here at Sussex Signs, we welcome the new GPT product. We produce signage using all kinds of machinery, so we appreciate the value of new models that drive the industry forwards.