Festival Signage is Key to the Festival Atmosphere

There are different types of festivals and events. From the huge and internationally famous like Glastonbury to small, community run events. Each has its own merits but the organisers of the events take just as much pride in their festival whether they attract 100,000 people or 1,000.

When you go to a festival there will be a couple of indicators of the quality of the event. The main attractions are obviously the biggest indicator, but elements such as the professionalism and helpfulness of staff contribute, the range of side-attractions and the facilities provided all amount to whether or not a person sees the festival as professionally run.

One indicator that is not immediately obvious is the signage used for the festival. If the event is a once off it can be hard justifying paying for signs beyond those printed on basic materials. If the event is a regular occurrence then it is often worthwhile investing in signs that can be used year after year.

The reality is that the trappings and appearance of an event has a big effect on what people think of it. Corporate trade shows spend a huge amount of money on getting signs to show off the different booths and companies, it is expected in these events that a professional atmosphere be on show. When you go to community run events then the appearance of the event is just as important.

Signs that show the directions to and from the event can make a huge difference to the happiness of the public as they arrive. No-one likes travelling around rural back roads, getting lost and wasting half their day trying to find something they should be busy enjoying. After that signage to the different amenities within the event are hugely important, first aid areas, lost and found, security, etc.

The importance grows for any shops, stalls or food outlets for the event. While artisan products are definitely appreciated the public still expects a certain level of professionalism. While you may very well be selling Angus beef burgers raised on your own farm if your shop signage does not show that you have a professional setup then you will not appeal to the general public. At festivals and events the public have very little knowledge about who you are, your background and your level of dedication to what you are selling. Professional looking shop signs will indicate that you are a permanent fixture of various festivals and markets and that you intend on being around for a long time, making you all the more attractive to general punters.

The reality is that many community festivals cannot afford expensive signs. However, if the event is running regularly for many years then the appearance of your festival is as important as anything else, and quality signage should be high on your priority list.