Dirty Signage – Council Urged to Clean Up Its Act

A concerned resident in Folkestone, Kent, has called on the county council to clean a dirty road sign.

Brian Lamb, a 75-year-old motorist living near Castle Hill Avenue, has warned that a road sign warning motorists not to turn right into Kingsnorth Gardens, is too dirty to be seen at night. If the sign becomes any more covered in moss or algae, motorists might not even be able to see it during the daytime.

Mr Lamb said: “It is not possible to see the sign through the algae in the dark. There are a number of signs in the area which could do with a bit of cleaning, but I think this one was the worst.

“It’s difficult to read the road at the best of times, if you approached the crossroads and didn’t know the sign was there, you would easily miss it.”

A broken light above the sign makes the ‘no right turn’ signal even harder to discern in poor light. When asked about the signage by a local newspaper, Kent County Council refused to comment.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we agree that important road signs should be kept relatively clean to improve safety conditions for motorists.