‘Deadly” Signage introduced by Safari Park

deadly signageLongleat Safari and Adventure Park has erected ‘deadly’ signage throughout its grounds, to provide an additional form of entertainment for visitors.

As if the park’s collection of lions and tigers were not deadly enough, the signs will form the basis of a new attraction called ‘Deadly Safari.’

Armed with a new guide to Longleat, visitors participate in the game by going in search of the signs, which are nailed to trees in animal enclosures. Fortunately, participants are only required to spot the signage; nobody needs venture into the tiger pen to retrieve a ‘deadly’ sign, however appropriate that might seem considering the name of the game.

Steve Mytton of Longleat Safari and Adventure Park, explained: “We needed to create signage which was in keeping with the natural environment, relatively easy for people to spot and also strong enough to stand up to some of the most impressive predators, particularly our lions, tigers and cheetahs.”

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we tend not to produce signage that is designed solely to withstand the interest of big cats, but many of our signs would survive the odd swipe. We believe that using signage as an attraction for visitors is a shrewd move by Longleat.