Councillor expresses ‘horror’ over bullet-damaged Road Signs

Since 2008, Matt Seiber has been updating his website, Gunfire Graffiti, with images of road signs in Britain that have been damaged by gunfire. Earlier this month, the ex-Royal Marine added more images to his website, much to the horror of Chudleigh Town Councillor, Richard Keeling.

Councillor Keeling said that £500 had been set aside to replace a sign in the area that had been hit by “50 small indentation shots and five or six large pot-shots.” The councillor refused to accept that locals were responsible for the damage, hinting that an outsider was most likely to blame.

Worryingly, the Chudleigh Town shooting is not an isolated incident. According to Seiber, bullet-riddled signage is becoming commonplace in Britain.

Speaking to BBC News, Seiber said: “I’m very familiar with the damage guns cause. And these [referring to some of the latest images on his website] have been done by rifles, handguns and shotguns.”

Seiber added that he had discovered evidence of gunfire-damaged road signs throughout the UK.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we recognise that vandalism is a major concern for businesses and local authorities. We produce a range of solutions to help combat the threat of criminal damage, though little can be done to prevent vandalism of this nature.