A unified brand: why corporate identity signage matters

Corporate branding is more important than you think

Getting your branding spot on is key when you’re running a business, because branding is how customers are going to recognise you. The combination of a name, logo, colour scheme and slogan can be a really powerful marketing tool when you get them right, helping to shape an image of your company within the minds of the general public and, hopefully, ensuring they remember and return to you time and time again.

When you think of some of the biggest brand names in the world – Apple, for instance, or Nike, Pepsi or Starbucks – the branding quite often becomes so deeply entrenched in public consciousness that it’s instantly recognisable just from the logo alone. With a presence in 119 of the 195 countries in the world, McDonalds’ golden arches are said to be more widely recognised than the cross.

While you’re probably not setting your sights as high as competing with the likes of Apple, strong branding and a unified brand across your company is clearly important. That means reproducing the same logo, font and colour scheme on everything from your business cards to your company car livery, your letterheads to your free promotional giveaways, and corporate identity signage also plays a major role in achieving a unified brand.

Signage is particularly critical in this regard because it is, perhaps, the most visual representation of your branding, prominently displayed outside your business premises and seen by thousands every day. So what difference does bold corporate identity signage make to a business?

Standing out

Signage is one of the most fundamental marketing tools your company has. On a walk down any average High Street, you’re likely to pass tens, if not hundreds, of external signs which announce to the world what the company or organisation behind the double doors sells or provides. Be they shop front signs, estate agent displays, signs for a gym or restaurant or even school signs, well-designed signage lets you know at a single glance exactly what you can expect.

With so many signs competing for the attention of passersby, making sure that yours stand out from the crowd can seem like a challenge. Bold and aesthetically attractive bespoke signage has been proven to have a significant impact when it comes to generating footfall, and people always react positively to anything which enhances the appearance of a building or area. If your signage is visually appealing and well-maintained, people are more likely to register it and take a second look, particularly if there’s something unusual, eye-catching, beautiful or entertaining about it.

You should think about signage as advertising for your business which is working round the clock and always on display. This is the showcase for your brand, the ticket to attracting footfall and the best place to ensure that your corporate identity is made as attractive and memorable as possible. Dull or badly designed branding turns people off. They may only remember the name, they may only remember the logo or colours, but if some element of your brand sticks in the heads of the people who see it, you’re on your way.

What makes a successful unified brand?

People tend to shy away from the phrase ‘corporate identity’, but ‘corporate’ doesn’t have to be synonymous with ‘dull’. Your corporate identity is simply the way you put your business across to the world, and that’s entirely up to you! Of course, you want to maintain professionalism at all times, but not at the expense of injecting a little personality into your branding.

If you work with a talented graphic design team, you will find that they can almost certainly distil the essence of your company into a branding package which is as simple as it is bold, and as memorable as it is beautiful. Every company has its own unique personality, regardless of the industry they’re in or the goods and services they supply. Capturing that uniqueness within your corporate identity branding is the job of any designer worth their salt, including those who create bespoke corporate identity signage.

Ensuring that the branding you have created translates across all platforms means it’s easier for people to remember you and find you again. A successful unified brand is one which extends its brand image across everything the company does, covering signage, business cards, office stationery, banners on social media platforms, wraps around company cars and vans, menus and price lists, and giveaway gifts handed out to new clients.

Wherever there is a chance to put your branding on display, seize it with both hands.

Signposting success

Never forget the importance of your corporate identity signage. Your signage is the gift which keeps on giving, because it is the most direct route to getting your brand and company noticed, with no other branding tool so prominently and permanently on display. Who, after all, cannot conjure up the colour schemes of the major supermarkets in their mind, or walk down a street and fail to recognise the logos of our biggest High Street names?

Whatever goods you sell or services you provide, investing in strong corporate signage can make a massive impact on brand awareness. At The Sussex Sign Company, we have many years’ experience crafting the most eye-catching and unique signage solutions you’re likely to find. Our expert team of graphic designers can work closely with you, to ensure that your corporate identity is fully captured in not only your external signage, but on a range of other signs, car wraps and products.

If you’re in the South East and would like more information on how we can help you achieve a successful, fully unified brand, simply get in touch with us today on 01273 417057 or contact us using the contact form.