Clear Roller Banner Sneeze Guards and Screens

Clear roller banner sneeze screens can be used in offices, salons, gyms, barbers, cafés and hairdressers. Being portable, they can be easily moved and slipped back into place in salons quickly and easily giving customers the benefit of feeling protected but not enclosed.

They are ideal dividers between people using fitness equipment or taking part in an individual activity such as cycling in gym or weight-training where 2 metres social distancing is difficult to achieve.

Our transparent roller banners are robust, compact and need no tools for assembly. They can be easily cleaned and disinfected and put away when required.

We use a Super Clear Shield 180 MI C’ transparent material and the banner snap-clips to the top rail.

Three size options

850 mm x 2150 mm
1000 mm x 2150 mm
1500mm x 2150 mm

Freestanding – no fixing method required. Includes carry bag.

Transparent Roller Banners for an office environment

Sneeze Screens for a salon, barbers or hairdressers

Protective Screens for gyms and fitness clubs

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