Choosing the right sign illumination

Get your business seen in the dark

If you want your company premises to pack a visual punch both inside and out, there are few more effective tools than illuminated signage. An illuminated sign can not only convey all the important information you need to get across to your customers, but correctly installed in a prominent position, it can act as a decoration and a focal or talking point in its own right.

They’re eye-catching, beautiful and clearly on-trend, and more and more people are recognising the value of an illuminated sign. There are now multiple types of illuminated sign to choose from, so how do you know which will work best? Read on to find out more about how to choose the right illuminated signs for your business.

Halo illuminated signs

One of the most appealing and beautiful of illuminated signs, the halo effect provides a soft and subtle warming glow, which really draws people in and makes them feel good. Halo illuminated signs are made by back-lighting powder-coated letters, creating a pleasant radiating light which is less harsh than neon.

Signs with halo illumination work particularly well in establishments where you want to create a certain atmosphere, especially if that involves low lighting elsewhere. A halo illuminated sign behind the bar of a club or glittering off the glasses of a cocktail bar can really enhance the mood of the place, while strategically positioned on the wall of a restaurant, they can add to the relaxed ambience.

This type of sign can be used both indoors and outdoors. Used externally, the warming glow will always be a welcome sight for potential customers during the cold, dark and often miserable weather of the autumn and winter.

Neon letters

Neon letters can certainly be used to make a bold statement, and for that reason, they work particularly well on shop fronts or the façades of bars, restaurants, clubs, gyms and estate agents. There are few sure-fire ways of announcing your presence to the world than by putting your company name up there in neon lights, so consider this type of sign illumination if you want to really grab the attention of passing trade.

Neon letters are far from an outdated form of signage, with more advanced technology and ultra-modern Neon Plus lighting making this a very trendy choice at the moment. The crisp, clean effect of neon makes these signs a real statement piece, whether used indoors or out.

LED lighting

LED lighting is a very cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice, and the low energy bulbs used in such signage means you can leave it on 24/7 without racking up huge electricity bills or risking a fire hazard. LED lighting works particularly well in window displays where the aim is to draw attention to a particular product or piece of information. Estate agents display windows, for instance, could benefit from LED signs which shine a spotlight on the top properties you have on your books, providing an understated yet visually impactful display.

LED lights are used in all sorts of illuminated signage to achieve a particular effect, so get expert help in deciding what sort of LED signage to go for. Some will be better suited to indoor rather than outdoor use, but wherever it’s situated, LED signage can really enhance your premises.

Spot and flood lighting

Spot and floodlit signs can really make an impact on passersby. Often incredibly bright and eye-catching, spotlights and floodlights built into your signage ensure that everyone can see and read your company name, logo and contact details with ease, and they’re very difficult for people to walk past!

These types of signs work particularly well for pubs and schools, where traditional signage can be enhanced with illuminations. Signs for schools need to be clear and uncomplicated, while the much-loved pub sign can greatly benefit from having a bright but simple spotlight thrown on it.

Due to their intensity, spot and floodlit signs really only work outdoors, where the bright lights are needed most and customers are less likely to be dazzled. Particularly during the autumn and winter, this type of signage acts as a beacon for your business and draws people in for a closer look, whether that’s studying your shop front signs or getting up close to inspect a menu or price list sign.

Before deciding on the type of illuminated signs you want, ask yourself a few basic questions about what you want to achieve with sign illumination. Is it for use indoors or outdoors? Is it purely for displaying information or for a more decorative purpose? Is your main concern your energy bills or making a really bright, bold visual statement with stronger lights?

You might want to seek further advice from those in the know before making a final choice on the type of illuminated sign you want. If you’re not sure which variety will suit your business and your needs, then speak to a professional signage company, such as The Sussex Sign Company for guidance and more information.

The Sussex Sign Company has been crafting bespoke illuminated signage for many years, and we know which type of sign illumination works best in any situation. Our experienced designers and installers are able to work with you to create tailor-made illuminated signs which perfectly reflect your company and will enhance your business premises immeasurably. For more information on the services we can provide, simply contact our expert team today.