Create a greater impact with built-up signage

The creation of 3D signage, where the words and images are raised up, is becoming more popular. This allows sign makers to make a greater impact and produce a clean appearance. The advances in materials and technology mean that they can design something that goes further than an average 2D sign. There are some additional considerations to be taken into account when designing this type of sign. They will need to think about the overall design, the budget, durability, how long the sign will be up for and any installation issues. Location is also crucial to the finished look of the sign: the style of a sign that’s positioned high up won’t be the same as one that is at eye level. Built-up signage can be used in a number of different circumstances, where a customer wants to really make people take notice. The words or graphics can even appear to just float against the wall, without any obvious signs of fixings. Specialist lighting techniques are also making more daring styles achievable. Here at The Sussex Sign Company we use a range of materials and techniques, in order to achieve the desired look for all our customers.