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Vehicle Wrapping & Vehicle / Van Sign Writing

The Sussex Sign Company offers vehicle wrapping and vehicle sign writing to a host of different businesses across Sussex. In particular, our focus is on providing high quality van sign writing and van wrapping services to our customers.

Be assured, that whatever industry you’re in, we can tailor our vehicle wrapping services to meet your individual business needs.

Vehicle wrapping keeps your brand on the move

Advertising your services on a fleet of vehicles is a tried and tested method in building awareness of your firm in the local community and beyond. Vehicle wrapping or vehicle sign writing has become a far more sophisticated process in recent years, with new technology allowing for almost unlimited design and styling to ensure that your fleet really stands out from the crowd.

Van Sign Writing designs quality vehicle wrapping

Reports suggest that up to 24,000 people can see a fleet vehicle on the roads in a single working day and the latest vehicle sign writing technology means that the impact of your chosen livery will not deteriorate over time. The vehicle wrapping materials we use will resist weather conditions, will not fade in sunlight and will not peel away to compromise the professional finish. The life span of our vehicle wrapping varies between three and seven years depending on the type of signage you choose.

In today’s competitive world, van signwriting can distinguish your corporate identity from that of your competitors, bringing your business to the attention of hundreds of thousands of people.

Vehicle wrapping & van sign writing will boost awareness of your brand

The obvious benefit of vehicle wrapping or vehicle sign writing is that it will draw attention to your brand, products and services. It will be visible whenever the vehicle is in service or on the road. This means that the cost of this constant advertising and exposure can translate into a few pence a day over the lifetime of a given vehicle wrapping. Every job your vehicles visit and every road they drive along will give you further exposure.

Vehicle Wrapping are using the most advanced techniques today

Although the technology has advanced, van sign writing can be restricted to basic information if you wish, with text describing your business and providing contact information and your website address. However, at the other end of the scale, full van wrapping can integrate colour images which span the sides of your vehicle and even move across windows to the rear, providing a flowing, uniform look. Clearly the costs reflect the added complexity, but in terms of aesthetic appeal and brand impact, full vehicle wrapping is unmatched.

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